Charette Consulting

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Moving Higher Education Forward

A consulting agency in Boston, MA focused on partnering with higher education leaders to transform and move institutions forward. By combining the power of software engineering, data analytics and higher education expertise, this team of brilliant minds partners with higher ed leaders to transform their institutions one project at a time.


Charette Consulting


Company Naming, Tagline Development, Brand Identity, Web Design, Sales Collateral


  char-rette [shuh-ret] noun: a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions.

The Vision

Our unified goal for this brand, was to develop a name and craft an image to stand out from the traditional education aesthetic, while somehow fitting in. The name itself is much more suited for the higher ed market while the simplistic, energetic, and modern symbol and color palette reflects the contrary. Our bright ‘red’ and ‘purple’ conveys the team’s energy, vibrancy and nods to their additional expertise in the software and tech industry.